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HappyTutors.com is a free Web2.0 community for tutors, teachers, instructors, coaches, as well as students, tutees and parents, including free Tutor Listing Service, Tutor Searching Service, Online HappyTutors Forum, Used Book Market and HappyTutors Blog.  It’s a really nice website with a fresh design, user-friendly layout, navigation and search function.

HappyTutors.com - Connect Tutors, Student & Parents

HappyTutors.com Mission Statement
– Promote Lifelong Learning & Teaching
– Connect Tutors, Students & Parents Worldwide

HappyTutors.com Services
– Free listing service for tutors, teachers, instructors, coaches, students and parents
– Search tutors/tutees/students for free
– Sell / buy used books 

What makes HappyTutors.com stand out from other tutoring listing websites is that HappyTutors.com is offering 100% free Web2.0 service. Tutors, students and parents can participate in the Online Forum and HappyTutors Blog to share their opinions and experience.

Explorer highly recommends you take a look at HappyTutors.com. You might be able to find a blogging tutor or become a tutor to help others make money blogging 🙂

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Microsoft Walked Away from Yahoo! Deal

The breaking news this weekend was Microsoft’s official withdrawal of their Yahoo bid. The whole internet world is talking about the reason why Micorsoft walked away and guessing what will happen to Yahoo! ‘s stock price on Monday, as well as who might become the next potential buyer of Yahoo! It’s pretty interesting watching this kind of game between internet giants. Some predicted that Google might come into this show. Who know? By watching, we might be able to learn something valuable 🙂

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What is Web 3.0 Experience?

Josh Catone at ReadWriteWeb had a post about Web 3.0 Through The Ages. I’ve posted What’s Web 3.0a few days ago and am still very interested in this topic. I made a comment on Josh Catone’s post about what’s Web 3.0 experience for a regular Internet user. Here I would like to share with my readers too:

Marketers, developers, tech geeks have different definition/mind map/mission statement/…about Web 1.0-2.0-3.0

Here is from a regular Internet user’s experience point of view:

  • Web 1.0 – Surfing websites looking for info
  • Web 2.0 – Participating in different Social networking websites such as blogs, Facebook, Myspace….etc
  • Web 3.0 – No big difference between professional programmer, geeks, regular consumers… in terms of their web experience. More freedom, personalization…whatsoever they want to do on the net for their personal or business needs…..

What’s your expectation for Web 3.0 ?

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My Experience with Google Adwords

With Google Search’s dominance, almost every company is using Google Adwords to expand their marketing presence to reach more customers. Today I set up a Google Adwords to experiment the power of digital advertising. Here I would like to share my experience on how to open a Google Adwords account.

First of all you need to select Starter Edition or Standard Edition. I highly recommend that you select Standard Edition even though you have no experience with Google Adwords, since with Starter Edition you can only target one specific region for one single product, while with Standard Edition you can have more functions with an advanced report.

Currently Google Adwords doesn’t accept Paypal. You need to select a payment method – Postpay or Prepay. I will recomend you select Prepay Credit Card Payment, because with Postpay Credit Card Payment, your billing threshold ( initially $50 ) is automatically raised in increments each time your account hits its billing threshold before 30 days have ended, which means that you have to closely monitor your money. With Prepay, you pay in advance based on your advertising budget, Google will stop running your ads if you run out of funds, which is safer for first time Adwords users.

There are so many tools and tips to help you get more out of Google Adwords. I am still new to this area and will post more related topics when I have more experience. Would you like to share your experience with Google Adwords?

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What is Semantic Web?

W3C Semantic Web

I’ve seen many discussions about Semantic Web on the blogosphere this year and didn’t really understand what is Semantic Web. As usually, I did a Google search and the first link showed up was from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

” The Semantic Web is an evolving extension of the World Wide Web in which the semantics of information and services on the web is defined, making it possible for the web to understand and satisfy the requests of people and machines to use the web content. It derives from W3C director Tim Berners-Lee’s vision of the Web as a universal medium for data, information, and knowledge exchange.”

On the left is a logo owned by W3C for Semantic Web. ” The three sides of the cube dig at the triplet in RDF. The peeled lid is meant to invite people to open their data to the Semantic Web.”

How wonderful it is to be able to witness the rapid development of the Internet technologies?

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How to Create a Web 2.0 Logo with Reflections

Here is another Photoshop tutorial video that I found on YouTube. The difference of this one from the previous two video is that the author provided the audio instruction, which is a little bit easier to understand. You can try to create a Web 2.0 sytle logo for your own blog now 🙂

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What’s Web 3.0?

I had a post about What’s Web 2.0 ? back on April 16, 2007. Web 2.0 is popular now but still new for most people who don’t spend too much time online. Web 2.0 represents the recent evolution of the World Wide Web. Nowadays, many technologists, journalists, and industry leaders have used the term “Web 3.0” to hypothesize about a future wave of Internet innovation.

Among those views from industry leaders, I like what Jerry Yang, founder and Chief of Yahoo, talked about Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 :

Web 2.0 is well documented and talked about. The power of the Net reached a critical mass, with capabilities that can be done on a network level. We are also seeing richer devices over last four years and richer ways of interacting with the network, not only in hardware like game consoles and mobile devices, but also in the software layer. You don’t have to be a computer scientist to create a program. We are seeing that manifest in Web 2.0 and 3.0 will be a great extension of that, a true communal medium…the distinction between professional, semi-professional and consumers will get blurred, creating a network effect of business and applications.

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How to Create a Web 2.0-Style Logo

If you are a small business entrepreneur, most likely you will have to undertake different roles at the same time – CEO, accountant, designer, marketing VP, secretary,…etc. An eye-catching logo for your business or blogd is a key for the future success. Web 2.0 is a hot topic nowadays. Do you know how to create a Web 2.0 style logo? I did a lot search lately and found two Photoshop tutorial video on YouTube.

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Google or Yahoo! ?

I came across a very interesting research at Analyst Webblog Hitwise Intelligence about Google and Yahoo! users. The research concludes that Yahoo! Search attracts more younger audience and Google users are more likely to be big online spenders.

I always use Google and hardly use Yahoo!. I sometimes do online shopping through Google. How about you?


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Microsoft and Facebook

Look at the post Social Neworking Sites I wrote in October 2007, Facebook grew fastest among social networking sites. Now we know that Microsoft bought a 1.6% stake in Facebook for $240m at the end of last year, valuing Facebook at $15b! As far as I know, in the blogosphere, WordPress is the higher profile, while Facebook is perceived as “Teenager”. However, Facebook demonstrates the stronger power of social networking and larger share of searching market. Anything can happen in the web – One day my ExploringBlogosphere might be acquired by a giant:-)

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