My Experience with Google Adwords

With Google Search’s dominance, almost every company is using Google Adwords to expand their marketing presence to reach more customers. Today I set up a Google Adwords to experiment the power of digital advertising. Here I would like to share my experience on how to open a Google Adwords account.

First of all you need to select Starter Edition or Standard Edition. I highly recommend that you select Standard Edition even though you have no experience with Google Adwords, since with Starter Edition you can only target one specific region for one single product, while with Standard Edition you can have more functions with an advanced report.

Currently Google Adwords doesn’t accept Paypal. You need to select a payment method – Postpay or Prepay. I will recomend you select Prepay Credit Card Payment, because with Postpay Credit Card Payment, your billing threshold ( initially $50 ) is automatically raised in increments each time your account hits its billing threshold before 30 days have ended, which means that you have to closely monitor your money. With Prepay, you pay in advance based on your advertising budget, Google will stop running your ads if you run out of funds, which is safer for first time Adwords users.

There are so many tools and tips to help you get more out of Google Adwords. I am still new to this area and will post more related topics when I have more experience. Would you like to share your experience with Google Adwords?

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