Google Bought Phone Software Firm

According to The NewYork Times, Today, Google said that it had bought the Finnish start-up Jaiku, which makes a mobile phone application people can use to send short messages about where they are and what they are doing.

Founded last year in Helsinki, Jaiku specializes in mobile phone software that makes it easier for users to share updates about their whereabouts and thoughts. The concept, known as microblogging, is also being promoted by Twitter, a San Francisco start-up.

In the near future, you and me might be able to microblog through cell phones 🙂

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Google – DoubleClick $3.1 Billion Deal

What’s hot at this weekend? Check out Google News and you will find out on Friday April 13, 2007, Google announced another super big deal on the Internet economy.

google logoAt a price of $3.1 billion, Google is buying DoubleClick, a New York-based firm that acts as an intermediary in the buying and selling of webpage advertising. Google has dominated pay-per-click search-based advertising. Through this acquisition, Google outbid Microsoft and successfully extended its business to the display advertising market. Now Google has advantage over Microsoft and Yahoo! on competing the estimated $US28.8 billion online ad market.

Google co-founder Sergey Brin said: “We feel the combination will accelerate the display advertising capabilities and we will be able to produce a better experience for advertisers, end users and publishers.”

double clickYouTube video clips have been ubiquitous on the net since last year. I guess pretty soon we will find a lot of DoubleClick display ads on the blogosphere. More opportunities for blogger publishers to make money, right? 🙂

  • $1.6 billion – You Tube, a video-sharing site; September, 2006
  • $3.1 billion – DoubleClick, online advertising company; April, 2007
  • Who is Google’s next target?

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