Free WordPress Theme

I just started my new website and I need a new theme for it. Today I went to WordPress Theme Viewer and found that there are hundreds of great WordPress themes avaiable. I remember that last year when I started ExploringBlogosphere, there were not so many themes that I like. The blogosphere has developed so fast in the last two year. It’s really a good thing for bloggers that so many internet and website designers out there offering us free templates. Thanks a lot!

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What if No More Internet?

Can you live one day without the Internet?

cartoon from

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Google or Yahoo! ?

I came across a very interesting research at Analyst Webblog Hitwise Intelligence about Google and Yahoo! users. The research concludes that Yahoo! Search attracts more younger audience and Google users are more likely to be big online spenders.

I always use Google and hardly use Yahoo!. I sometimes do online shopping through Google. How about you?


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Microsoft and Facebook

Look at the post Social Neworking Sites I wrote in October 2007, Facebook grew fastest among social networking sites. Now we know that Microsoft bought a 1.6% stake in Facebook for $240m at the end of last year, valuing Facebook at $15b! As far as I know, in the blogosphere, WordPress is the higher profile, while Facebook is perceived as “Teenager”. However, Facebook demonstrates the stronger power of social networking and larger share of searching market. Anything can happen in the web – One day my ExploringBlogosphere might be acquired by a giant:-)

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What’s Web 2.0? – Vedio

Last week I had a post about What’s Web 2.0? Today I found an interesting vedio at YouTube which provides a clearer view about Web 2.0. Hope you enjoy it 🙂

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Social Networking Sites

Want to know what’s happening in the blogosphere in 2007? According to internet research firm comScore, Blogger had the largest number of unique visitors of all social-networking sites in September, but Facebook grew the fastest. ranks 6th in this competition.


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