Google PageRank

Yesterday the blogosphere was talking about probably the 3rd or 4th round of Google PageRank change this year. As far as I know the last time was far back in April when my Exploring Blogosphere got Google PageRank 3. Fortunately, Exploring Blogosphere PageRank still stays 3, considering I didn’t post for almost 3 months. My Sunflower Blog also keeps PageRank 4 🙂

But some of giant bloggers such as Problogger and John Chow, their Google PageRank were down to 4 🙁 How about yours?

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Wordless – Sneezing Panda

Hi my fellow blogger friends, I found this funny vedio on YouTube and want to share with you. Have fun 🙂

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Google Bought Phone Software Firm

According to The NewYork Times, Today, Google said that it had bought the Finnish start-up Jaiku, which makes a mobile phone application people can use to send short messages about where they are and what they are doing.

Founded last year in Helsinki, Jaiku specializes in mobile phone software that makes it easier for users to share updates about their whereabouts and thoughts. The concept, known as microblogging, is also being promoted by Twitter, a San Francisco start-up.

In the near future, you and me might be able to microblog through cell phones 🙂

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What’s New in the Blogosphere?

Looking at my last post, you will notice that I’ve been lazy in the last 4 month. So what’s new in the blogosphere?

 My Google PageRank still stays the same -3; Alexa Ranking is down to zero. Anyway, not too bad at all considering I did nothing in the past.

In addition, I received more than 5,000 spam comments due to lack of anti-spam plug-in. When I tried to pending comment field, the site was frozen because it took forever to load those spam comments 🙁

I have to install an anti-spam plug-in –any suggestions?

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