Reasons Why I Like Blogging

Some fellow blogger friends asked me why I like blogging. I wrote a similar post in my Blogger blog a while back. I won’t mind repeating it here since Exploring Bloggosphere has different readers. Here goes the reasons why I liking blogging:

  • Blogging is a new experience which can bring me more
  • Blogging is free thanks to many Internet talents
  • Blogging is creative: internet is all about ideas and innovation
  • Blogging is a lot of fun & laugh
  • Blogging helps me make wonderful blogging friends and reach large audiences
  • Blogging helps me learn how to write better
  • Blogging provides me chance to experiment and promote my own ideas
  • Blogging can be an outlet when needed
  • Blogging practises my skills in difference ways
  • Blogging is freedom, just like my own backyard
  • Blogging has great potential
  • Blogging feedbacks and comments make me happy and healthy
  • Exploring Blogosphere is a great place to share thoughts, experience & fun 🙂

Now it’s your turn – why do you like blogging?

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  1. Gattina on April 26th, 2007

    For the same reasons and most of all to be able to be in contact with the whole world and learn a lot about other countries.
    Congratulations to your new adventure !

  2. Explorer on April 26th, 2007

    Thanks Gattina 🙂
    Welcome back anytime!

  3. Psycho Dude on April 27th, 2007

    It can be an outlet when needed and also it is a great way to simply log for myself what I have been doing in the past :P. Asides from that there’s probably a bunch of minor reasons you could add as well, but I’d say those are the 2 major reasons :P.

  4. Techsplorer on April 27th, 2007

    I think Psycho Dude said it well, but throw in I just like sharing what I think is cool, be it books, sites, movies, or whatever.

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