I am so excited that Exploring Blogosphere officially launched today! (March 25, 2007)

I started to blog from early 2006. Since then, I’ve discovered many great blogs and have met some wonderful blogger friends in the blogosphere. I really enjoy blogging. My first blog, Sunflower, has been growing very fast with the support of my regular readers. My Sunflower blog is a place where I share my rambling thoughts, experiences and have fun with friends. I promote a Blogger Healthy Lifestyle on Sunflower blog too.

I created Exploring Blogosphere to take advantage of my marketing experience in the high-tech industry. Exploring Blogosphere will focus on ebusiness, tech news, entertainment and consumer generated advertising market on the blogosphere.

Now let’s start to explore the amazing blogosphere together!

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    1. Fran on April 27th, 2007

      Also: a blogspot blog. Reason I’m sending this to you– I hit on your sunflower blog at least once a week, thru all of the ‘weekly’ challenges you enter, and now see that you’ve started a wordpress. You have much more experience than I do at this blogging stuff, and yet your post’s humbly sound like you just started. You smart, have great ideas, and know how to blog and what important. So, I’m lurking, so to speak to learn how to do this, from a blogger I respect. If this sounds too effervescent to be real, well, it may sound that way, but I mean it. Your interesting and informative (I probably could have just said the last line – to say all of the above!!??. Oh Well)
      Keep up the good work. Fran.

    2. Explorer on April 30th, 2007

      Thanks Fran for the compliment.
      I am still learning 🙂
      I am glad that you found that my blog is helpful for you. Welcome back anytime!

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